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Increte Concrete Stamps Floor

Are you are looking for increte concrete stamps floor in Nigeria? Do you need quality 3D epoxy floor, Then search no further because Tpave is the best increte concrete floor and 3d epoxy floor company in Nigeria. We don’t only use the best quality materials such as; excel colour hardener, excel antique release agent and excel acrylic sealer /polish, We have a factory where we produce them and we sell to wholesalers, distributors, retailers and direct users as well. our products are no.1 when you need a dazzle increte concrete stamps floor.

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Our Increte Concrete Stamps Floor Installation Process


It stands up the effects of sunlight. Our Antique release agent is made with the finest ultra violet pigments available. Excel Antique release is made from a finely ground formula that works with polurethene texturing mats to create a beautifully antiqued and textured concrete surface

Excel Colour Hardener

Excel colour hardener is a premixed ready to use pigment blend for a new concrete pavements. Ease of application makes our colour hardener and cost effective system.

Our colour hardener provides a vibrant uniform colour with the added benefit of a hardened surface with up to 47 mpa. Clean simple lines do not date and are known to complement, not to overpower the overall facade of building design.


Suitable Uses

Residential settings, driveway, patio, paths, swimming pool surrounding, decorative kerbs etc.
Streetscape, footpaths, parking bays, parks, bus stop, urinating facilities, speed limiting bumps, landscape finishes, roads in ponds, render small retaining walls, The face of steps and small non structural application to add finishing touches to the project.

Installing Stamped installer in Nigeria


The final step in the installation of stamped concrete is to apply a concrete sealer suitable for exterior exposure conditions. Sealers provide several important benefits:

  • They block the penetration of stains, oil, deicing chemicals and other contaminants.
  • They protect stamped concrete surfaces from abrasion and wear.
  • The make stamped concrete easier to clean and maintain.
  • They enrich the color intensity of stamped concrete, whether the color is integral or provided by a dry-shake hardener and antiquing release.
  • They add sheen to the surface, ranging from satin to high
Make sure EXCEL CONCRETE SEALER is used between 10 days minimum and 30 days maximum from the last day of concrete application for maximum results.

Our Stamped Concrete - Recent Work

Increte Floor Epoxy 3D Metallic Floor - Men at Work

Plain epoxy floor

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3D Floor Design

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Amazing 3D Floor

We are No.1 in Nigeria

3D Floor

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