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About Us

About Tpave

My name is Tony Uche Eric Ogbonna. I’m the Director and founder of TPAVE VENTURES.
The name of the company was derived from Tony paving stones and later shortened to TPAVE. Tpave ventures started with the production and installations of interlocking paving stones at a makeshift in Lekki Lagos in November 13th 2000. The business grew so much that I was able to train many workers on the production and installations of interlocking paving stones. 

In 2008 when Stamped Concrete Floor was still very new but very expensive to install in Nigeria, we decided to find a way out so that Nigerians can be able to afford it. We started researching on the chemicals used which are mostly imported. In 2010, we already had breakthrough on all the materials used and the ratios because we kept testing them for perfection till 2013 when we started production of colour hardener and antique release agent in small scale and introduced 3d floors as well.
As at today, we have done several and successful jobs. We have well trained staff and we continue to train more.
We now have our base too at 3-3 Onitsha. From where we supply to Eastern and south south states.

Tony Uche Eric Ogbonna