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Installing stamped concrete

Installing stamped concrete will give you the best result you desire if you use the right stamped concrete materials

Tips from Tpave Ventures (BEWARE from cheap stamped concrete that won’t give good result)

Installing stamped concrete

In the Nigerian market, Stamped Concrete Clients are extremely COST oriented. Tpave Ventures, As a Stamped Concrete expert, find It our responsibility to show the main reasons for the difference in cost.

Many clients are executing cheap stamped concrete and end up breaking the job and doing it all over again using different products.

Some Contractors are destroying the reputation and thus the image of stamped concrete in Nigeria is being harmed, that is why we find ourselves obliged to interfere.

This is the Normal and professional way of Installing stamped concrete :

1- Ground preparation:

Scrape the topsoil to achieve the thickness required (8cm-10cm)

2- FIX reinforcement in the slabs:

Top-steel is needed over the whole area of the slab-on-ground to control the cracking. Saving on steel while placing it will cause cracks in the near future especially in motorable areas that do not have very good stable soil.

3- Underground job:

Drainage, water supply, and electrical piping which are to be covered by the slab must be taken into consideration by the Stamped concrete team and advising the client the use of a plumber and electrician for installation before casting.

4- Fixing the edge formwork:

The formwork must be well staked in place and thick enough so as not to bend under a load of fresh concrete placed against it. Formwork must be rigid.

5- Preparation of concrete:

Stamped concrete strongly recommends the usage of the specified materials, as well as the finishing and curing techniques that will be used on the project.

The concrete should be designed to meet the strength and finishing requirements of the project.

6- Color the concrete:

 Apply color hardener powder directly to the freshly poured concrete surface. Color hardener will penetrate the top of the concrete slab 1/8” and color thoroughly. That is why the coverage area is very important.

7- Stamped Concrete Tools:

The usage of the needed tools is required and not to be replaced with a local alternative such as Concrete stamps, Floaters, Fresno Trowels, Blue steel trowels, Magnesium hand floats, Wood hand floats, blue hand edger…

8- Color Release agent:

texture mats will not work without the use of a release agent. This specially formulated powder prevents mats from sticking to freshly placed concrete. Generally, 20KG of material is required per 100 square meters.

9- Stamped concrete acrylic sealer:

The use of an appropriate decorative concrete sealer is HIGHLY required. When the slab is thoroughly dry, a clear enhancer(sealer) should be applied using a roller. 100 liters cover approximately 350 square meters. A light coat should be applied in one direction and the second coat should be applied in a perpendicular direction in order to avoid unwanted lines.

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