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Decorative Stamped Concrete in Nigeria

Best Increte stamped concrete floor in Nigeria

Decorative Stamped Concrete in Nigeria “The modern era of decorative concrete started in the 1950s when John Bowman patented Bowmanite, “states Cofoid. “The concrete was completely colored with pigment and had an open shape like a cookie-cutter.

Decorative Stamped Concrete in Nigeria

Now that we have release agents, the stamping devices are made of urethane rubber that allows us to imprint texture as well as form.

“According to Cofoid, the decorative concrete that is put in place is mainly a concrete work. “The subbase preparation, mixing, and pouring are the same as for a flat pour; the contractor just colors the mix and imprints the pattern while it’s still wet.

Vertical shapes can also be poured in place or pre-cast into designed panels and placed between beams.

Decorative Concrete Stamping

Decorative Concrete Stamping and/or coloring can be applied wherever concrete is poured. “This method is often used for pool decks, patios, driveways, parking lots, and subdivision entrances,” Cofoid said.

“A subdivision also uses stamped concrete to distinguish its entrance— and it can also act as a roaring strip to slow down traffic. Each driveway has a painted concrete pattern in several subdivisions. A painted concrete template is also widely used to strengthen a retaining wall or seawall.

If concrete is already in place, it is not too late to change the decor without changing the concrete. If the concrete is structurally sound, there are several types of cementitious overlays for a new look,” Cofoid notes.

The stamped overlay can be poured over a current slab to one-quarter to one-half inch thickness. With an overlay, the contractor must comply with the underlying control joints or saw cuts, as the concrete expands and contracts with temperature.

A good contractor should tell the customer that they can not promise that all the cracks underneath can be patched, as some may show up through the overlay.

Decorative Stamped Concrete in Nigeria “Spray-down, knock-down coatings consist of cemented polymer groove. This Portland cement product is sprayed or truncated in a very thin layer.

When it is cured, it has a strength of 4000–6000 psi, while concrete has an average strength of 3000 psi. Because it is sealed, it is impervious to moisture and is resistant to mildew and stains. This surface can be colored and strongly textured, so it’s perfect for walkways and pool decks, “says Cofoid.

Most people are familiar with a nice wall, a mixture of sand and cement, which is covered with a brush, but it doesn’t work as well as these coatings because it only includes sand and cement.

Decorative-concrete“Micro toppings are even thinner overlays for concrete and are typically used when the concrete is stained, “says Cofoid.

“When concrete, whether inside or outside, is stained, the surface is finished— the final look. Micro topping is used when the concrete is structurally good, but the surface is not sufficiently shaped.

Outside concrete might have some pitting or spalling, and inside concrete might have tiles or carpets that can’t be completely washed.

Because concrete is porous when stained, anomalies such as these are really highlighted, so the micro-topping offers a fresh foundation for staining.

“Typically for indoor application, the micro topping will be self-leveling to give a nice, smooth finish. In outdoor applications, you want friction to prevent slip-and-drop accidents, so the material is broomable and textured, “Cofoid explains.

“You can fully color the microtopping and put the seal on it, or you can add the stain to the micro topping.” decorative concrete stains can create an appearance varying from normal, quarried stone to a bright, high-gloss, solid color.

“Chemical stain, also referred to as acid stain, comes in 6–10 natural shades and interacts with concrete in a similar way to how wood stain reacts with wood,” according to Cofoid. “The metallic salts are soaked in the stain and become part of the top layer.

“Semi-transparent, water-based stains are similar to acid stain, but are available in more colors so that reds, blues and grays are available,” says Cofoid. “Solid acrylics are not translucent and mimic conventional paint.

They are also known as stain sealers because they penetrate and seal the concrete so that it is impervious to moisture, which is useful for pool decks. “Decorative-concrete-sm6Dyes that create bright hues are produced for indoor use and are typically used on polished concrete.

The result is similar to the terrazzo tile and can be polished to a medium or high gloss, making it slick when wet and unsuitable for outdoor use. “Polished concrete floors can be seen in a number of large box stores, where they are polished to medium shine.

They are common in hallways, hallways, and interior entrances because they are extremely low maintenance; the more they walk on, the more polished they become, “Cofoid observes.

Interior, polished concrete is also an eco-friendly option,’ notes Cofoid,’ and the LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification for new and renovated buildings is in vogue.

Since the concrete is already in place, no new flooring material is being used or shipped. Maintenance is minimal and the high-gloss surface can also help to reduce the lighting requirements.

“Resinous overlays or coatings are another choice for interior concrete. “These high-performance, indoor flooring options are epoxy-based systems that are 100% solid, making them highly chemical-resistant. Most types are FDA-compliant, making them suitable for food preparation areas, parking garages, locker rooms, showers, garages, etc.

These materials are typically not UV resistant, so they are not for outdoor use, “Cofoid acknowledges.

“There are some true artists out there with the tints and the dyes,” Cofoid says. “They’re doing some terrific work on the floor with stencils and freehand murals.

Some push the boundaries with stamped and cemented overlays and can give you 3D-looking floors — you’ve got some of the Decorative Stamped Concrete in Nigeria options you might have considered just for a wall.

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