Increte Stamped concrete floor materials

Increte Stamped concrete floor materials in Nigeria

Increte Stamped concrete floor materials

If you are looking for Increte Stamped concrete floor materials in Nigeria, you are in the right place, we produce the best of increte matarials.

Below are increte Stamped concrete floor materials, and what they are used for.

Color Hardener – Increte Stamped concrete floor materials

Increte Stamped concrete floor materials

Permacolour Color Hardener consists of a special blend of sand, cement, oxides and additives that have been formulated to produce an easy-to-use product that helps to harden the concrete surface.

Permacolor Color Hardener is hand transmitted over freshly poured concrete and worked on the surface using a bull float for first application and trowel after applying the second coat.

It forms a colored concrete surface that is resistant to weathering, wear, and normal abrasion when properly applied and trowled into the surface.

Apply Permacolor Color Hardener to newly placed concrete for beautiful, long-lasting colored floors, driveways, paths and patio.

This product is suitable for use in textured concrete with Permacolour Texturing Mats and Permacolour Release Agent and is equally effective for flat trowelled concrete surfaces.

Colored concrete produced with Permacolor Color Hardener is the most cost-effective way to color concrete as you only color what you see, not all the concrete depth you don’t see. The color is stronger, and the concrete surface strength increases as well.

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Antique Release Agent – Stamped concrete floor materials

Increte Stamped concrete floor materials

Antique Release Agent is a very fine colored powder which is formulated for use in concrete texture stamping.

It enhances results by preventing transfer of the wet paste when removing the tools to create beautifully antiquated and impressed concrete surfaces.

Requirements for coverage vary depending on timing, method of finishing before imprinting, techniques for application, desired effect, tools used and work or other conditions. The coverage rate for most applications is roughly 3-4 pounds per 100 square feet.

Note: The shown colors are approximate. Because of the shade variations associated with individual color monitors and printers, we recommend that you use our Color Chart to cross reference for precision.

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Sealer Polished Concrete Sealer

concrete floor materials

SealGreen Polished Concrete Sealer is a siliconate, water-based, penetrating, fast-reactive, odorless, environmentally friendly sealer developed to seal a wide variety of polished concrete efficiently.

Provides long-lasting protection without altering the concrete surface’s natural appearance, or creating a surface film that may become slippery or peel with hot tire pickup.

Siliconate sealers use a chemistry with larger molecules, which reacts with the chemicals in the concrete forming a gel that is hardening and chemically binding to the concrete interior.

Siliconates are permanent sealers, because the sealer remains inside the concrete until it is removed mechanically.

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Troweling – Increte floor materials

Increte  floor materials

Troweling results in a hard, smooth, dense surface and should be done immediately after the float. Troweling can be done by hand or by machine. The finisher must float, trowel and area before pushing his knee-boards, if done by hand.

A fresno is a steel trowel fixed to the handle of a bull-float. Putting a long handle on the trowel makes it possible for finishers to trowel the concrete without going out onto the dice.

Nevertheless, Fresno trowels do not produce the same density or wear resistance produced by multiple hand trowelings where the finisher can apply greater pressure to densify the concrete.

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Concrete float bull float

Increte Stamped concrete floor materials - bull float

A concrete float is an instrument that is used to finish a concrete floor by making it smooth. A float is used after leveling of the surface using a screed. As well as removing surface imperfections, floating compacts the concrete as preparation for further steps.

A float can be a small hand tool, a bigger bull float with a long handle, or a power trowel with an engine (also called a power float). Concrete floats typically consist of magnesium, aluminum, or wood.

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concrete edger

If pouring a concrete slab or base, you’ll want to use a concrete edger to build smooth and straight edges that will help you finish the cement in a professional look.

With a little practice, within a few minutes you’ll get the hang of using the tool and be able to create professional-looking edges on your concrete slab or base.

Concrete Acid Stain – Increte floor Materials

Increte Stamped concrete floor materials - Concrete Acid Stain

Concrete Acid Stain is a water-based liquid containing minerals and acids. The acid stain is absorbed through the pores of the concrete, constraining the chemical reaction between the muriatic acid and the lime present on the surface.

This permanently changes the appearance of the concrete once the acid has been stained.

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